MissionTo provide equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees for growth and advancement. To pursue relentlessly a means to capture and augment business with the highest level of integrity in the pursuit of profitability. To carry out company plans and programs with the highest degree of professionalism. To spearhead community based projects for the development of the tourism industry. To reach out to every customer with utmost passion, dedication and excellence

VisionTo be the leader in the Tourism industry committed to provide the gracious Filipino hospitality towards total customer satisfaction.

OUR MOTTO: EXCELLENT SERVICE BEGINS WITH MEBeing the building blocks of the service and hospitality culture of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos, every employee is placed in the forefront of the service chain.  As the link of the organization to its customers, employees are guided to perform vital roles in realizing common yet critical and multi–faceted goals and objectives for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction which is critical to the overall business success of the organization.

The motto "Excellent Service Begins With Me" embodies the call for every employee to take a personal initiative to render quality service at every opportunity of customer contact

THE 10 WATERFRONT WAYSThe Ten Waterfront Ways, being a culture building program sets the tone in preparing the employees vigorously to respond to the needs to cope, survive and excel in the hospitality industry. It nurtures the groundwork for the organization to be relevant amidst changing business climate, grow, and excel in the service and hospitality industry. This program achieves to accomplish the overall objective of the mission and vision of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos, "To be the premiere entertainment and business Hotel destination committed to provide excellent Filipino Hospitality to ensure total guest satisfaction." CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS A CORPORATE PRIORITY: For the objective of achieving customer satisfaction, management and employees of the Waterfront Hotels and Casinos are enjoined towards strategic and collaborative efforts in maintaining the organization in competitive shape. The Waterfront Ways Program sets the framework of service and hospitality culture in the Property Hotel through which management and employees take a participatory stance in mapping out a strategic and collaborative effort to be competitive in the hospitality industry. Launching of the Waterfront Ways Program officially starts the process of shaping the service and hospitality culture of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos in a Property Hotel. The program is maintained and distributed through the Waterfront Ways Leaflets which bears the mission statement of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos, slogan and the featured "Waterfront Way" or "Ways to Go" featured for the day and the Waterfront Ways Posters, designed to capture thoughts, images and ideas conveyed by the Waterfront Ways Program. These are displayed in areas where these are highly visible to employees for their awareness about the Waterfront Ways Program to be reinforced constantly and be reminded all the time of the call to collaborative actions.

THINK PLEASANT, LOOK PLEASANTEvery Waterfront Peer extends a facial gesture of pleasantry to connote sincere and warm Filipino hospitality to guests, peers, community, suppliers and investors by greeting everyone with a smile. He/She compliments their peers sincerely and shows gratitude to their peers or guests for whatever assistance they have received from them.
TAKE THAT EXTRA STEP TO ENSURE GUEST SATISFACTIONEvery Waterfront Peer extends the gesture of service by taking extra effort than usual in ensuring the satisfaction of guests, peers, investors, suppliers and the community. To be positive about the comments and feedbacks of customers by taking extra effort in making attitudinal and organizational improvements toward achieving guest satisfaction. Most importantly, offers assistance to customers in any given opportunity that we encounter.
BE PRO-ACTIVEA Waterfront Peer takes the initiative to make things happen. He/She anticipate customer needs and expectations and immediately take measures to prevent customer complaints. Further, every Waterfront peer is encouraged to be open in learning new skills all the time.
ACT PROMPTLY & WISELYA Waterfront Peer takes conscious and collaborative efforts to be prompt and on–time in the delivery of services to ensure the satisfaction of guests, peers, suppliers, investors and the community as a whole. To be always prompt and smart in handling any given service-related interactions customers is top priority.
WEAR PROPER UNIFORMEvery Waterfront Peer takes pride in projecting the image of the Hotel by wearing the uniform complete with all official accessories such as belt, nameplate, head gear, etc.
BE A TEAM PLAYERA Waterfront Peer is always aware that a team is a group of individuals enjoined to work together in achieving a common goal. As a team member, he/she takes conscious effort to be cohesive and cooperative in pursuing the common goals and objectives of the team.
TAKE THE BLAMEA Waterfront Peer listens and always gives the customer its undivided attention.  Remembering that most of the time, guests simply wants to be heard. To do something to resolve a problem or customer complaint on hand, regardless if it directly concerns him or not by listening intently, apologizing sincerely, coordinating and relaying issues accurately.  To further appease the customer by giving him feedback about the action taken the soonest possible time.
CLEAN AS YOU GO, CONSERVE COSTEvery Waterfront Peer is responsible in attaining uncompromising levels of cleanliness and in making maximum use of company resources at all times by observing the 5S practices to ensure that its working area kept clean, organized, safe and systematic, recycling office supplies and other resources whenever possible.
COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATE!A Waterfront Peer takes the responsibility of keeping communication lines open and ensure the clear and accurate exchange of relevant information and feedback at all times. Know that developing proper sharing of correct information to establish coordination between departments is always paramount to the success of any undertaking, to never assume. ASK. It is always best to clarify things, confirm and give and request for feedback to concerned parties rather than to spend time undoing a mistake.
OBEY RULES & REGULATIONSA Waterfront Peer is a conscientious employee by being aware and respectful of the rules and regulations of the Hotel. We take time to read and understand communication materials about the rules and regulations of the Hotel and procedures observed by the department. Being diligent in observing proper and acceptable business decorum while inside the premises of the Hotel gives an efficient working environment. Cooperation with co-peers and superiors is a way of contributing toward developing a harmonious working relationship among peers.

4 Ways to Go

KEEP IT SHUT SAFELYSupporting the practices related to Waterfront Way # 8 (Clean As You Go), KISS (Keep It Shut Safely was established through rendering assistance in ensuring that all service and exit doors are kept closed at all times. This Waterfront Way-to-Go takes part in protecting the confidentiality of all information relating and exclusive to the company.
5 FEET RULETo Reinforce Waterfront Way 1 (Smile) & 2 (Take That Extra Step To Ensure Guest Satisfaction), the 5 Feet Rule was made which is exemplified by taking an extra mile in guiding guests, peers, suppliers, investors and the community by acknowledging a customer who is 5 feet away from where you are standing. When a guest is at least 5 feet away from you, show a pleasant gesture that would recognize the presence of the customer and would express for you to extend a helping hand.
SUNSET RULEBefore ending the day’s work, be sure to have submitted or released documents that are due for the day. Make productive and efficient use of working hours by addressing within 24 hours all concerns and correspondences that reaches your attention. To Never procrastinate to avoid causing delays in the service delivery chain.
NEVER SAY NEVERThis exemplifies the belief of the company that each Waterfront Employee be persistent and creative in finding a solution to any given problem.  Think. There is always a better way. Always keep an open mind and respond positively to the expectations of customers and superiors.

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