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Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino
Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino
Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

Phone: 1800-10-9376688
Fax: +632 505-3099

Cooking Videos


Weekly Eats with Waterfront Chefs

Week 1: Corned Beef Hash Sandwich by Chef Bobet

Week 2: Healthy Couscous Salad by Chef Alan

Week 3: Tinolang Manok by Chef Tristan and Chef Julius

Week 4: Glorified Tinola by Chef Tristan and Chef Julius

Week 5: Healthy Mango-Pineapple Smoothie by Pasty Chef Roche

Week 6: Healthy Moringa Pastillas Granola Bar by Chef Arjay

Week 7: Ampalaya Sinaw-sinaw Shake by Chef Tristan and Chef Julius

Week 8: Chicken Supreme by Chef Bong

Week 9: Salmon Al Cartoccio by Chef Syl

Week 10: Pumpkin Mango Tawa Tawa Shake by Chef Tristan

Week 11: Pan-Fried Salmon with Orange and Avocado Salad by Chef Mimi

Week 12: Teppanyaki Specials by Chef Imamura

Week 13: Calabasa Cheesecake by Chef Tristan and Chef Julius

Week 14: Powerhouse Chocolate Smoothie by Chef Roche

Week 15: Sardine Fish Cake by Chef Bobet

Week 16: Crispy Corned Beef Sinigang by Chef Tristan

Week 17: Salmon Teriyaki by Chef Syl

Week 18: Laing with Grilled Chicken by Chef Tristan

Week 19: Stir-Fry Sliced Beef with Black Pepper by Chef Low

Week 20: Healthy Nicoise Salad by Chef Allan