Start Your Career With Us

Waterfront Hotels and Casinos, being the largest Filipino-owned and managed first class hotel chain in the country now employs a close to 1, 600 peers accross its five properties.

Our Waterfront values speak of our work culture where teamwork, respect for the individual, passion for success and excellence is highly encouraged and nurtured. We live and embibe our TEN WATERFRONT WAYS in our everyday work scene. We are committed to personal and professional development through extensive and well-defined professional trainings.

Waterfront is set our to recruit highly qualified individuals to provide opportunities for success. We have launched our Management Traineeship Program for Top Performing Peers. We have sent our Top Executives to Cornell University to enhance their qualifications and help continuously improve both the Operations and Management System of the Waterfront Group. This ensures the availability of people to support the company’s long and short term strategies and objectives to be the major player not only in the country, but also to come out prepared for its Global Distribution System.

There is an abundance of career opportunities within the Waterfront Group of Properties. People may be posted across different Hotel location. If you think you have the skills and enthusiasm, Waterfront Hotels and Casinos is the company to join. We encourage you to drop your resume to our Waterfront databank for future short-listing of qualified applicants.

Specialized Training

Waterfront Hotels & Casinos take pride in its training and development programs. In fact, Waterfront sets a high standard of achieving 70 training hours per person every year. In order to ensure that such passion for never ending quest for improvement and excellence, Waterfront makes People Development an integral Key Performance Index, among others which is Guest Satisfaction Index and Financial Index.

Waterfront’s various seminars, trainings, and workshops are classified into five major categories: Inductive Program, Basic Skills Program, Upgraded and Advanced Skills, Supervisory and Management Programs, and other Wellness-related Programs.

Upon joining the Waterfront family, newly-hired peers undergo a comprehensive Inductive Program to orient them to the Hotel’s culture. Front liners undergo a thorough Basic Skills Certification Program for their respective areas of assignment to ensure that hotel service standards are maintained. After peers have developed mastery of their basic skills, they then undergo Upgraded and Advanced Skills Programs to bring service several notches higher.

Supervisors and managers are enrolled in our Supervisory and Managerial Development Programs which equip them with both basic and advanced skills to help them effectively perform their roles as leaders of the organization. Those peers among the ranks with strong potentials and aiming for better positions in the organization are also encouraged to enroll in preparation for bigger responsibilitiies and challenges.

Programs offered do not only stop at improving the brain functioning as well as managing emotions and attitude. The Wellness-related programs are programs that are also designed and made a part of the entire Peers training and development with the main aim of maintaining a healthy lifestlye, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Watefront also puts itself at par with the global hospitality industry by partnering with international learning institutions such as Development Dimensions International (DDI), Ivy League member Cornell University, and the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA).

We invite you to develop your career and grow professionally with us!