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Investors Relations 

Investors Relations Program

Communication activities will seek to leverage the company’s extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge products so that they have greater impact. Recognition for these contributions will help position the Group as a key reference point for perspectives on Philippine development issues and support its leadership role. Communication activities will be geared towards increasing awareness (i) of financial, technical and intellectual soundness; (ii) its contribution to development in the country.

Visibility without credibility, however, will not enhance the company’s reputation, and care will need to be taken to ensure that communication is soundly based on evidence and results. Communications will also need to address identified misperceptions about the company. Communication will therefore need to carefully segment and target messages.

Internal Communications

  • Meetings, speeches, management meetings, messages to staff and memoranda to staff;
  • Notices and all mediums stated at employees handbook., which serves as the central platform for disseminating information to staff.
  • E-Marketing which is all over lobby area.

External Communication

External communication activities have also expanded in recent years, as management has

considered it important to increase awareness of the company’s activities among key stakeholders.

These target groups have included regional and non-regional member country government

authorities, investors, the private sector, grassroots communities, civil society organizations,

universities, researchers, and the media, as well as the general public.

The main products include:

  • The external website,
  • Press releases
  • Publications, provides support regarding graphic design, layout, printing, promotion, information disclosure registration.
  • Media relations, in particular, in support of presidential speeches and major events.