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Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino celebrates 20 years

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino has established itself as the city’s premier hotel and casino boasting of luxurious amenities and dining outlets that offer the best culinary creations.

Being the biggest hospitality and leisure facility in the flourishing city, not surprisingly, the hotel has become the venue of choice for large conferences, concerts by top musical artists, trade exhibits, sporting events and grand private functions.

Amparito Lhuillier(left). Arnel Aparis, Flor Ynclino, Cookie Newman, Nestor Alonso(right)
To celebrate 20 colorful and successful years, the hotel hosted a roaring ‘20s party that was attended by the island’s luminaries. It has also lined up a host of treats throughout the year.

It will hold the much-anticipated “Waterfront Hotel Iron Chef” and a Fourth of July celebration to toast Filipino-American Friendship Day. The renowned Wedding Fair, which showcases the hotel’s wedding venues and services, will be bigger in scope and grander in theme this year and is expected to attract the participation of the best wedding suppliers and the most prolific wedding designers, making it a much-anticipated event. It will be made even more meaningful with the release of a coffeetable book celebrating 20 years of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino.

Already on his second tour of duty in the hotel is the affable general manager, Anders Hallden. He began as the hotel’s executive chef from 2006 to 2007 before coming back in 2016 as general manager. Hallden believes that the success and longevity of the hotel lies in the people who work in its many departments and their adherence to the company’s principles and standards.

He says that all Waterfront employees work to fulfill the hotel’s essential principle: To go over and beyond in satisfying their guests’ expectations. “We work to awe our guests,” he remarks. “We want them to say ‘Wow!’ whenever they enter the grand lobby, or when they experience our warm service and exceptional food and beverages venues. We work hard to give them the best and most fantastic value for their money.”

With Cebu City’s economic and industrial surge, the hotel has kept up with the fast-moving developments by continuously evolving to meet the demands of new lifestyles.

“ Indeed, the future looks very good for Cebu City and we are working to be there with the development,” says Hallden. “As Cebu’s leading hotel, we will be in the center of it all as we continue to serve all our guests in true Filipino hospitality… with a welcoming spirit and sincere pleasure.”