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Waterfront introduces traditional moon cakes with a French twist

IN celebration of the famous Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino will release the much-enjoyed treat of the feast, the moon cakes.

The hotel’s Chinese restaurant, Tin Gow, has been known to sell moon cakes for the longest time, however this year, the Waterfront’s new General Manager, Anders Hallden, decided to give the traditional treat a modern twist.

“Chef Benoit and I were talking and decided to have a little fun that is why we came up with mooncakes, with a French twist!” GM Anders said to the media and guests during Moon Cake Festival launch last August 11, 2016 at Tin Gow.

Chef Benoit Laboureux made seven French moon cakes consisting of sweet and savory surprises. Among the sweet moon cakes he innovated are Puto Cheese, Black Forest, Coconut and Ube, while his savory flavors includes Bacon Bechamel, Beef Wellington and Lechon with Sticky Rice. These will be available in Madeleine starting August 16.

The traditional moon cakes by Chinese Master Chef Low are also still available with the following flavors; Pandan, Green Tea, Lotus, Lotus with Salted Egg, Coffee, Red Bean, Red Bean with Salted Egg, Dragon Fruit and Dragon Fruit with Salted Egg. These will be available in Tin Gow’s moon cake station right outside the famous Chinese restaurant, also starting August 16./PR

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